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How Rabaconda Increased Their Shopify Monthly Revenue from $64k to $205k

The 3-Step Transformation Process

This is how we achieve extra $50k+ monthly revenue to your Shopify shop in 90 days, or you don't pay!

No BS Funnel Audit
Discovering growth opportunities.

90 Days Growth Road Map
Turning growth opportunities into tasks.

$50k+ Increase in Monthly Revenue
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More About Our Service

Ecomdesire is Full-Stack
We master all essential Shopify scaling channels such as Meta Ads, Google Ads, TikTok Ads, Klaviyo, influencers, SEO, and various Shopify apps.
Strong Strategical Analysis
It usually takes us 2-4 hours to understand why your Shopify is not growing and what needs to be done to make it boom!
Battlefield-Tested Growth Tactics
99% of marketing know-how available on internet sucks. It's either outdated or does not match your unique needs. We scale Shopify brands daily and know what is working and what is just BS. :)
We Learn Fast and Cheap
Most Shopify shops fail at scaling because they spend too much money trying to scale. All our success stories from recent years started with less than a $500 monthly ad budget per channel.
Momentum Timing
Most shops miss the momentum or act too passively when they should be aggressively marketing. Our sensors will detect all critical data about your Shopify shop 24/7/365. Once we start feeling the momentum, we go big!

Success Stories - Men's Underwear

august sabbe case study

"In January 2024, we were an unknown men's underwear shop that needed its first customers. In February 2024, we asked Ecomdesire to remake our shop and bring in customers. In a few weeks ORDERS STARTED TO COME IN!"
- Andreas Org (Founder of - Motorcycle Tire ChangersEcomdesire has been Rabaconda's strategic marketing partner since 2018. Rabaconda’s Shopify shops revenue has grown at least 10 times since they hired us. Rabaconda is now a well-known power sports brand in the US and elsewhere.Between 2018 and 2021, we occasionally helped Rabaconda with e-commerce marketing tasks such as Shopify development, Paid Social, and Paid Search. We achieved some growth, but mainly in B2B.Starting in early 2022, we took on more responsibility for Rabaconda’s B2C marketing strategy and day-to-day marketing operations.We started by improving communication and planning. We introduced Slack for effective team communication, Trello for task management, weekly marketing meetings, goals, and KPI spreadsheets.Around the same time, Rabaconda launched a new product—the Street Bike Tire Changer. The first video Rabaconda’s founder Tõnu made about the new product went viral on Facebook, and it was clear that we could sell it via social media.Sensing the momentum, Ecomdesire started aggressively retargeting people who watched Tõnu's video. Although people could only pre-order and wait months for the tire changer to arrive, the ROAS of Paid Social ads was still great.As the next step, Ecomdesire directed a new video that went viral on Instagram and organically reached over 1.2 million people. Again, we followed with aggressive retargeting, and the results were fantastic.After the first success with Paid Social, we continued building it month-by-month, and now the Paid Social campaigns make a crucial part of Rabaconda’s awareness and revenue streams.Ecomdesire has also helped Rabaconda build up two other essential revenue streams - Paid Search and Email Marketing. Both channels have contributed significantly to Rabaconda’s overwhelming success in recent years.Currently, Ecomdesire is responsible for growing Rabaconda via Paid Social and Paid Search. We continue to provide strategic expertise to Rabaconda’s in-house marketing team.

rabaconda case study ecomdesire
case study

"Other ad agencies promise us ROAS 6-7, but Ecomdesire gives us 10+ ROAS!"
- Tõnu Kallast (Founder of Rabaconda) - Food Supplements Online Shop
Scaled e-commerce monthly recurring revenue from around $30k to $200k.

ecosh case study ecomdesire

"Ecomdesire served as a strategic marketing partner for Ecosh, aiding us in exponentially expanding our online stores in Estonia, Lithuania, and abroad."
- Mario Pruul (Founder of Ecosh) - Travel Tours Shop in Central-Europe
Scaled high-season Google Ads average monthly revenue from $0 to $30k.


"They came up with an out-of-the-box Google Ads strategy that helped us successfully restart the business after the pandemic that hit us hard."
- Kalev Külaase (Founder of Sidetrip) - Table Tennis Online Shop
Ecomdesire joined the team when monthly revenue was around $30-40k. We left when the MRR was around $300-500k.

ecosh case study ecomdesire

"Honest and Ecomdesire were our outsourced marketing team for many years. During their time with us, our international sales showed
remarkable growth, including the USA and China."

- Sergey Makarov (Founder of

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